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Bodrum villages to produce pistachios
A local organization in the resort town of Bodrum has launched a project to produce pistachios in the villages of the region.


Bodrum villages to produce pistachios
Sounds a great idea, but can anybody tell me how they innoculate the trees. II know this might seem a bit thick of me but I have no idea that pistachios grew on turpentine trees. Could somebody please explain. Maybe its just because I had a late night and up very early this morning. :slapme:


Bodrum villages to produce pistachios
Neil- rest your head! I think that it must be one of the treasures of Turkish translation! or journalism? or both!
I just cannot work out what they mean either- planting? Fertilising....?
Pistachio trees are in the family of turpentine trees, so that is the easy part.
I just hope the tree owners and villages are really behind this project, and are not being ordered around by this group!
You WILL produce Pistachios!

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