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Bodrum: Hearing aids.
I have had hearing aids from the UK and spent a fortune, £2000 several years ago from Boots. Well when they worked ok but a lot of the time they didn't so since living in Turkey I have just put up with it and said "What" or if I was feeling polite, "I beg your pardon". We had some visitors during the summer and I really could not join in the conversation and the other day my husband made a comment on a saying which one of the visitors said regularly, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Today I bit the bullet and went to a hearing aid place in Bodrum, took my old Boots aids which he said there was nowhere in Turkey to repair them. So had a new test (free of Charge) and ordered a new aid which is going to cost 1000tl. He didn't speak any English but we managed. In three days I should have my new aid. I will post my old ones back to Boots but not a lot of hope there.

If anyone is interest PM me.


Bodrum: Hearing aids.
Yeay Rosewall!
Glad you have bit the bullet! And sorry I couldn't stop in traffic for the other address
Enjoy the new ear!
Bodrum: Hearing aids.
Glad you went to the hearing aid place in Bodrum could not believe how cheap they were
Bought my hearing aid in Izmir cost 1200 ytl 3 years ago ,as my puppy eat my old one.
Priced the hearing aid in England and was quoted £4000 for the same aid.
Now there is a office in Bodrum ,I am more than pleased.
Went there on the summer new hearing test and and new ear mold 25 ytl

Bodrum İşitme

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Bodrum: Hearing aids.
Hello dear Rosewall1 and all the other hearig aid users;

Thank you for mentioning us in this page we are so pleased to see the comments..

We still serve in our new address

Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No:311/B


(Up ahead 100 meters from Türk Telekom across Oasis AVM)

0 252 316 80 83

Best Regards
Audiometrician Levent SARSILMAZ

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