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Bodrum castle wedding
Hey everyone!!

Does anybody know how to organise a bodrum castle wedding??

Any help and advice would be great

bronia x

uncle fester

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Bodrum castle wedding
yes no problem using bodrum castle what so ever,just pop along, see the lady forget her name, well she is the manager and she will give you the prices etc etc,and take you to show you the english tower where you will get married.
just one think don't forget my invite.:cheer2:


Bodrum castle wedding
Broniam, welcome to the forum!
You have to see the Director of the Museum MR Ya┼čar Yildiz, (pbx 316 2516) and he or the administrative asst (male) will give you prices and conditions for the different areas of the castle that you can celebrate in.
Now that the entrance cafe is run privately - they can be asked also .
It is a wonderful place to celebrate your marriage in ( we did!)

Er.... don't know where you get 'the lady' business from, uncle Fester.! :)

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