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Bob the Knob
My pc was down for 6 months, sorry to hear this bout Bob, for whatever happened, I for one enjoyed his posts.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter, crikey sorry to hear your pc was down for 6 months, I would miss TLF so much if that happened to me. When Bobthenob left he did give Martyn (one of the moderators) his e mail address and if you wish to send him a note you could p.m Martyn to see if he still has it. I e mailed him and he was ok, now you've reminded me I must send him one and ask how he is doing. I too enjoyed Bob's posts.


Bob the Knob
I can't work work out why some people have act the drama queen.

Why not employ some self discipline and just not post anymore?

Some may see it like that Smiler, but remember there is always more to something than meets the eye.
A Drama Queen sometimes is just that, a Drama Queen, some Dramatists however are in fact crying out for help.
Someone somewhere is fighting some kind of battle, Bob is maybe more at peace with himself now, at least I hope he is well and more at ease.
Bob had many issues to contend with - some folks can cope, some find it more difficult.
We all act and react differently - no two folks think the same way.
Bob was a part of this forum for a long time, the fact that he could no longer access it was perhaps his form of self discipline.
I don't mean to preach Smiler, truly I don't - just giving a different option.
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Bob the Knob
The original question's been answered and there's no further point in continuing the discussion on the matter so I'm closing this thread.

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