Boat Trips - Side area
Hi Friends,

We have been on loads of boat trips in various places in Turkey, but only once in Side - with Robinson's - which was good, but a little limited and quite pricey.

Any info, tips or contacts would be really good. Looking for 2 (seperate) things:-

  1. Full day boat trip, with lunch etc
  2. Full day diving trip, with lunch.

Happy to go from Side, Manavgat, Kumkuy, or anywhere else local(ish)




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Boat Trips - Side area
Hi There if its possible you can make it to Alanya I've paid for a boat trip for two people for the Pebble Fund , All you have to do is make an offer . I.m sure you'd win as no one as offerd a penny !!! Its with Eftalia Tours opppsit the Grand Okan Hotel They do excellent trips realy realy good . you have to ask Angelman for the tickets . Just thought i'd tell you . But no problem if you cant make it to Alanya Just have a good time enjoy your holidays Diane


Days On The Beach in Side
Boat Trips - Side area
I only just joined this Forum today, so am sorry if this is a bit late in replying to your query. I live in Side 50% of the year and UK the other 50%.

My friend, Ali, in Side has day trips on a boat from Side to Manavgat every Mon and Thurs at just £15 for the day. That includes stopping off at a little island on the way, lunch included, market day in Manavgat (which is AMAZING!), and the waterfalls there with free pick up and drop off to your hotel. Phone Ali: 0090536-5039739 He also does all sort of other 1-day trips, including diving and fishing and horse back riding either in the Sorgun Forest or along the beach in Side.

Kind regards, Angela

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