Boarding Kennels
I have heard that there are dog boarding kennels at Ciflik. Does anybody know of or have experience of them, or any other kennels?
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Boarding Kennels
There are kennels in Ciftlik and they are owned by Kent Vets in Fethiye. I used them a couple of times although not recently and they were fine. The vet's sister I believe is the lady who runs them and she lives next door. Compared to the UK and what we are used to they seemed a bit stark and I did used to take my dog's beds.

I judged by the fact that when I picked my dogs up they were all over the woman before they saw me and very pleased to see her. She seems very comfortable with the dogs. I did call and take a look before we first used them and we were welcomed and the place was clean. We had to ring the bell on the gate and wait for her to appear.

Ankavet by the BP garage near Kipa have kennels and I used them this year and they were ok as well. There are others.
Boarding Kennels
Hi There. Have you heard of Mad about Mutts Boarding Kennels. The Kennels are run by Arlene and Mark, I can highly recommend them, very clean and the man that helps adores all the dogs there. My dog loved it there, it took us about 1 hour to get there but well worth it . The only kennels i will be using from now on. Her phone no is 05383040532. Hope this helps. Mary.


Boarding Kennels
I would also recommend Ankavet by the BP garage in Calis, been taking our dog there for the last few years...

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