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Bloody Eurosport !*!
Eurosport as bad over here as in the UK.The programme listings are never the same as what is being shown.
All i want to do is follow the W.R.C.,especially this final round as it's in the UK & i used to officiate on this event for many,many years.
Looked on the TV listings on screen,not shown & just happened to turn over at 1am & it looked as the W.R.C. had started at 00.45am..I pressed the 'i' button on the handset & the info bar was still showing 'strongest man'.I then looked on my laptop at the NOVA tv listings ( greek satalite station) & looked at Eurosport & that showed it starting at 00.30am.Ok i now realise if i had looked at the NOVA tv listings i would not have missed it,but conversely i may have not thought to wait 15 minutes 'just in case' this programme started,given Eurosports reputation for reliability.
Bloody French 'kin useless,now i just hope that Loeb doesn't win the world championship,mind if he does !@?*!,he will probably turn up late for the !!!!!!!!!

Rant Over !


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