Blackberry & Apple Cheese
We picked pounds of blackberries last weekend (there is a real glut this year I am pleased to say) and after freezing some for puddings, making wine out of more, I decided to make Blackberry and Apple Cheese (like a sweet curd) from the rest. I've sieved and boiled and added pounds of sugar and pectin but the wretched stuff won't set. Any ideas?
If all else fails I could turn it into sorbet, but have so many home-grown veggies in the freezer I just can't fit another single blackberry in!


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Blackberry & Apple Cheese
Have you tried putting some cornflour in it ? You'll have to heat it again to allow the cornflour to act.

The other alternative is to put a jelly powder in the mix.
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Blackberry & Apple Cheese
Hi put it all back in the pan and just keep boiling away the temprature need to be really high and it can take up to an hour to reach setting point .
keep taking a teaspoon out and placing it in the freezer for a few moments and you will see the setting point .hope this helps :clap:


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Blackberry & Apple Cheese
l can just imagine it in your household the beautiful fragrance of the fruits of nature wafting in all the four corners of the house interior.

How so much this reminds of the times when l grew my own organic soft fruits and the time of harvesting to the time of preparing them for the storage of freezing and making jam is such a therapeutic way of living.

Can't remember how l done the jam after all those years.l just wish l hadn't lost the real Mccoy recipe past down the generations.

But to me,your story of the good life is a recipe of quality

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