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Hi gang,
I am hoping that our apartment in Gumusluk will be complete in August and hope to be over to furnish it in September. My question to you all is what household items would it be better to buy here and take to Turkey and which would be better to buy in Turkey?

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Bits and pieces
You'd be better off buying most things in Turkey, however I did take over a set of cutlery, I was told that Turkish cutlery was expensive. I also took prints and got them framed in Turkey as I could not find pictures to my taste there. I do have a UK house full of clutter and it seemed daft to buy even more so I did take out a couple of bags to clutter up the house out there. It was stuff like spare bedding, a mirror, books, games etc. I bought some new gardening tools to take out and that was a big mistake as they were so much cheaper out there. Unless you have stuff that is surplus to requirements in UK I don't think it's really worth the hassle of taking stuff out.


Bits and pieces
Hi Langmad,
Personally I would just bring cutlery with you. You can get everything else you will need here, and with the cost of excess baggage nowadays it's just not worth it.
Bits and pieces
My mum gave me a load of stuff Sunday from her home as she is moving to Cyprus. Things such as bed linen, towels, teatowels, cutlery set, candles, candle holders, duvet covers, sheets, sandpaper, paint brushes. Egg cups , spoons, etc etc. I am just going to take a few bits out each time I have a hol to my place in Turkey. I just weigh my lugage on bathroom scales before flying to check weights are ok. Buying those vaccum bags that you use a hoover on are great for bedding as things shrink . Just take out things that are spare. Or buy a few things at home as it will save time when you are out there. I bought a small bottle opener today and a ice tray for freezer and teatowels and duster clothes. They were in a sale and really cheap. I see it as the more you take out, the more time you will save. But I am not really bothered about furnishing my place fully in one go. I am going to take my time and furnish over several trips so I do not rush and end up buying things I do not 100% like. I am not going to rent my place out. I intend to have a few hols in it, then hopefully move out there in a few years.
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Bits and pieces
Sheets and pillow cases are a good thing to take out as in TUrkey they are 100% cotton and therefore a pitb to iron!
Bits and pieces
i took my own dust from england as i find the turkish dust of poor quality, a sprinkle every 4 days usually is satisfactory.




Bits and pieces
Hi Langmad.Pictures are a bit gaudy over here.Smoke alarms were expensive last time I looked.But majority of things are available on the Bodrum Peninsular if you look.
Not all sheets are cotton.You can buy stretchy jersey/towelling bottom sheets that dont need ironing.Too hot now for a top sheet !
Although.............I am having trouble finding one of those stoppers to put into the top of wine bottles when part finished.So now I am just finishing off the bottle ! Thats my excuse.................!
Lynne :)

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