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Births, Deaths & Marriages
There does not seem to be anywhere, including local papers, that carries this information. With thousands of ex-pats living in Turkey there should be a source for this information.
We should, perhaps, restrict it to events involving members of the forum and events happening in Turkey, otherwise we get swamped.
I am not very interested if somebodies daughter living in UK has a baby, but if they live in Turkey that adds to the ex-pat community.
With an ageing population we might also keep track of who dies for the same reason. I was told about a couple who were killed last weekend in a car accident near Fethiye, but it does not seem to be recorded anywhere, so if you knew them you could not know what has happened to them - sad.

Perhaps, like in the papers, we could restrict it to the first post, not responses, so you just get the information not a long list of sympathetic replies or gushing congratulations (for whichever event you think those appropriate!).

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Births, Deaths & Marriages
Call it hatch,match and dispatch and of course must be in alphabetical order.
Yes I know that's an old one.
Births, Deaths & Marriages
a good idea.and this forum seems to be the leading place for information for british expats.
there are 34,000 permanent british residents in turkey..

i wonder how other nationalities get hold of this kind of the germans..which are the largest group..

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