BIM & SOK Dalyan openings
BIM is reopening tomorrow and SOK opens it new supermarket next to the Beko shop next Tuesday (26 May). What a choice ffor such a small place -Two branches of Sevikoglu, a BIM, a SOK, Dia, Migros, Acalar, plus all the small/medium ones around town. One of the small shops near the river is even selling english bacon and sausage, as is Sogutlu in Ortaca. Sevikoglu has also added lots of UK products to its shelves for the tourist season including Bisto gravy, HP sauce, Heinz ketchup, jars of apple sauce, mint sauce as well as Chinese sauces, prawn crackers and lots of other things people cant live without!!!!!


BIM & SOK Dalyan openings
Thanks for the info, Villabaris1, I wonder how and if all these supermarkets will survive... it's hardly the busiest of places.... (not that I'm complaining about that!).
BIM & SOK Dalyan openings
I would be surprised if so many can survive, especially in the winter which was why BIM closed last year. I do like BIM for certain things - personally I think their diet cola is far superior to the real brand and a third of the cost! - and a lot of their own brand foods are very good quality at a good price. Its very similar to Aldi, low prices, limited lines, but generally good quality.


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BIM & SOK Dalyan openings
Yes so many supermarkets to choose from in Dalyan!
Saw Bim yesterday getting ready for their opening today with flags outside.
Will have a look round in there later today.

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