i just love my clique
billy no mate,s
is this just a myth Or . do you feel like you are one ?. dave
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billy no mate,s
yes Sirinyergirl but I believe the modern term according to my grandchildren is [ a nigel]

Yep, I've heard that used.

Actually Dave's question got me thinking ...... if a person deliberately has a very small, almost non existent group of friends, because he/she is very private and prefers their own company MOST, but not all of the time, can that person be considered a Billy no mates?

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billy no mate,s

I found this on the WWW,

British Slang
A person with no friends, or at least someone who appears that way.
Other similar uses:

1) On his bill - On his own
2) Has been billied - Has been abandoned (by friends)
3) A billy - one with no friends.

I do enjoy No. 1 now and again, enjoy my own company, always find ways to entertain myself, love to go out walking with our dog, and chew things over too and I love books. I hardly ever get bored, but don't have time for that.


billy no mate,s
I fit the description but through choice.I have acquantences but am perfectly content on my Tod, I used to try socialising but to be honest it just gets on my nerves, having to make small talk or discussing the same things that those who meet up regularly go over and over again.
I have a close relationship with my son as we have similar interests but he is very open and chatty and will talk to anyone and has a circle of friends, whereas I have divested myself of " Mates " over the years and still find plenty to interest me.

Jill comes from a big family and has friends who she socialises with and goes on holiday with and so the system seems to work for us.

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