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Big Brother Drops The Ball, Again
By The Grumpy Old Sod at Grumpy Old Sod.com

Chris Williams reports that two people have been successfully prosecuted for refusing to provide authorities with their encryption keys, resulting in landmark convictions that may have carried jail sentences of up to five years. The power to force people to unscramble their data was granted to authorities in October 2007. Between 1 April, 2008 and 31 March this year the first two convictions were obtained.

The disclosure was made by Sir Christopher Rose, the government's Chief Surveillance Commissioner, in his recent annual report. Sir Christopher did not provide details of the crimes being investigated in the case of either individual - neither of whom were necessarily suspects - nor of the sentences they received. In fact, the government doesn't actually know what happened to them - the Crown Prosecution Service said it was unable to track down information on this legal milestone without the defendants' names.

Spot the deliberate mistake?

They propose to collect and keep great swathes of information about each and every one of us, but they can't even find the names of two people they've recently convicted of a crime they invented specifically for the purpose of forcing us to provide the information for them to keep so they can convict us more easily of not being who they think we ought to be.

Still, there's no need to worry. They probably won't remember who we are.

Chris Williams at The Register

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