BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
I have to say my turkish husband wanted to share this with people so im doing it on his behalf and my 'group' who were let down by an Ilyas from Eskikoy Dalyan -after we had planned a horse riding session with his 'buisiness'.....if you can call it that....For anyone coming to Dalyan or already living there i suggest you never attempt to go horse riding with him.
they were not ready for us at all (group of 6)
(to add if you dont have insurance or generally! i would consider asking for a helmet - i didnt see any and most dont use them)
we had made calls days before, hrs before, planned and been upfront....he had previously told us he cant do sunday as he has press coming?! but then he said ok do it for 20 lira per head (for about hr half) and no breakfast included....ok we all said no problem.
after arriving at his house- talk about hard to find-the horses were not clean and not ready and he eventually said go and wait at laylays (nice restaurant off main dalyan ortaca road -do go there they are lovely!!!) and they will bring the horses there themselves very soon.
we waited for over 2 1/2 hrs with no call from him or word at all.....we had also taken 2 random german tourists with us to laylays in our hire cars as the man had suggested it as an idea -to stay together to wait for him and horses so we entertained them too (one in our group spoke german).:gathering
But he didnt arrive- we called he said wait- we called he said 25 min more- by this time it was gone 2 pm?! If we had known he would be that long maybe we would have ordered food??
the press man was also waiting at laylays on the table next to us and wanted us to be in pics we were told...makes sense right for advert!happy customers.....but the horse owner didnt about bad advert. :crazy:
we called him again to say we had had enough and were leaving and he was very rude to my husband indeed and so my husband said he would therefore not recommend anyone to do dealings with him or trust him.
A day out riding -well even a few hrs is supposed to be fun and we had brought our it didnt look good at all- we felt let down by poor communication/organisation -its no way to run a buisiness is it?:doh: If the horses were sick then i can understand but we saw them and they seemed fine.
interestingly the man had said go to laylay and have drinks on me while you wait- laylay said thats not so and we were paying for them beware.
eskikoy is also not within close walking distance of laylays so the 2 germans who stayed a while longer were stranded but chose to stay- god knows what happened to them poor sods as they didnt speak turkish and were very confused.....
if anyone can suggest other areas or people for horse riding within mugla district we would all love to know- we want to take our friends again and 2 singletons hit it off too so we need to make a new love date!!:hug: and still want to do riding but with a reliable honest person.
ideas pls? :horse:


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BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
It's well worth going to Tina and Duran at the Desperado Ranch at Yaniklar (just off the D400 between Gocek and Fethiye) for horse riding. Their website is at Desperado Horse Ranch

If you want to go a bit further afield, then a day out in the Kaya Valley and a couple of hours riding with Norma & Pete from the Perma Ranch is recommended.


BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
Any activity like horseriding, off road atv driving and other semi dangerous activities should always be booked through profesionals such as Kaunos tours. If they do not do an activity it is for a very good reason which will be either standards or safety.
I have to say the story was very entertaining and reminiscent of all the things that can go wrong and would have been the norm 30 years ago. Today you should expect and get nothing short of excellence, the Turks expect it and so should everybody else.


BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
interesting then that this man chose to advertise recently in the local newspaper and thats how we found out about it in the 1st place. obviously not quite organised enough was he and didnt seem to care at all about customer satisfaction! sure we too will find places we CAN eventually recommend....and after all lets not forget Turks have holidays and weekends away too and pay like everyone else but they too get bad deals or let down as some brits do on hols too.Shame as hub and co-workers were going to tell everyone they can about it if it was good .....word of mouth counts for a huge ammount here.
thanks for ideas n recommendations guys.
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BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
My wife, daughter and I went horse riding with Ilyas 2 years ago. We booked him through Ibo Car Rentals. We booked on recommendation as we were all novices and did not know what to expect. It cost us £10 each for half a day and we had a fantastic time, possibly the highlight of our holiday. We visit Dalyan 4 times a year and have tried most things and this was one of the best. Sorry to hear that things have changed as we planned to go, maybe not!


BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
maybe its as its out of season and hes made his money for now and is less bothered....or maybe its because he doesnt think turks make good customers...he didnt know i was a brit a 1st. who knows.i was hoping to hear that he wasnt totallly useless having such nice horses and all.....just bad luck i dont know?
did they have helmets then?just curious.....
And the ad was in turkish aimed at turks so thats the bit hubby cant grasp...why he seemed so 'not bothered' about us as customers and potential walking ads.
im not impressed at all. Why should out of season make a difference or nationality. why is motivation here not continual?
id say stay clear when there are clearly more organised reliable albeit maybe more expensive but trustworthy people around- see above??
husband did say at lunch though...what if they are the same horses just been moved to his home for the winter and hes trying to do a bit on the side.....
who knows- u would think with a new ad in paper he was trying to russle up new customers.....once again...dont get it.
looked online at the recommended places- seem 110% more organised so will give them a shot - cheers


BEWARE useless organization - horse riding
If you want a proper riding session then I suggest booking with Kaunos Tours. They are very professional and don't let you down.

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