Better to visit antalaya to buy home
Ive never been to antalaya... Iwas going to pour my cash into a nice apt ( mudget 50- 70k euro max) but now im waiting to find out about our own economy, covid may get worse who knows what governments will come up with next, seems they want us ' not flying' anywhere,
Also issues in ukraine will affect house buying.
But... If you were to buy where is best... Was also thinking about IZMIR too.... I will buy for sure if i find right place, this lady i have been dealing with seems very very pushy with me and i do not like her attitude..... These sales people must think we are all dense.


Better to visit antalaya to buy home
I lived in Antalya for a short while back in 2011/12. It's a lovely city and at one point we were going to buy there but in the end decided on Fethiye instead as we are not really city people and Antalya was just too busy for us. Anyway you do need to be very careful about the area where you intend to buy. Some are most definitely better than others. We were out at Ornekkoy towards Lara beaches. Lovely area but in parts of it impossible for foreigners to buy as there's a big MIT compound. Kepez area is very ''local'' and possibly not an area for anyone wanting a different lifestyle. Konyaalti is more popular for tourism and when we were there hundreds of apartments were being built, all very close together. My advice would be to go and see the place before you make any decisions. See what local prices are. Chances are if you buy over the internet you will pay premium prices.


Better to visit antalaya to buy home
If you never been to Antalya before better to rent than buy for some locations its easy to resell for other locations maybe takes 4-5 years to resell, some people have had to resort to dropping their inital asking price in order to sell
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I am sure the sales agent is telling you buy now buy now property prices will be 30-35% higher next year
It more of what they don't tell you that the 30-35% higher price is due to inflation in real terms the price might have increased 2-3%


Better to visit antalaya to buy home
Don’t forget the advertised price is what the seller wants, not what the property is worth!
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