best satellites to tune to
Finally got back to our lovely villa in Turkey for a three week break. The local farmer had put his horse in our garden which was overgrown and it knocked my satellite dish about. I will now have to have it realigned. What are the best satellites to aim for now for english channels. I have heard Thor and Nilesat ( I love my sport ) I was using Turksat. I know that whats available changes all the time and could do with some advice on whats best at present. I used to have hotbird last year but had it realigned to Turksat as there was little on in the way of english channels. Is the tennis on eurosport
Thanks Nigel Denizkoy ( Izmir )


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best satellites to tune to
Sorry, don't know where the tennis is on. As to satellites - we have Hotbird (mostly for Radio Swiss Jazz and Radio Swiss Classic), Turksat and Thor. Loads of programmes on Thor, Nat Geo, Viasat History, Animals and Wild Animals, several film channels: Digi 1, Digi 2 and Hallmark and lots of sports channels. We have a Raum box which readjusts itself when the frequencies change. I did think that it wasn't working as it didn't readjust for a couple of times, but it seems to have settled down now. I have to flick through the channels a couple of times for it to get the new frequencies, but then it is OK. Hope this helps.

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