Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas
Start with a grumble - my HSBC dollar account now started charging (without notification or reason, will be talking to them today) 31 dollars per transaction - i.e. every time a payment comes in they steal an obscene commission. Will be closing my account with them asap.

However, as I work overseas and receive quite frequent payments here, wondering who knows a bank that doesn't have robbing its customers as its mission statement. If anyone can recommend a bank that doesn't sting you for receiving money from outside Turkey, would appreciate a heads up on that.



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Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas

I'm pretty sure that if you transfer from HSBC in the UK to HSBC in Turkey there is no charge. Assuming that you have a UK HSBC account couldn't you get the payments put into that and then transfer the money to Turkey?
Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas
Thanks - but these are payments from all over - consultancy fees from UN, Tearfund, Save the Children etc. - that turn up in my account here minus HSBCs grubby little cut. Their charges are just obscene and I received a dozen payments last month - their 'cut' being over 200 USD.


Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas
Your money is being taken by the Turkish receiving bank in Istanbul which is of course HSBC before being sent on to your local HSBC branch.

The only way around it would be to open an account with HSBC......say in the UK or the States maybe and have the payments sent there, then trans. it to Turkey.

For this there would be not be any charges. BUT a big but. You will have to be a PREMIER customer to incur no charges at all, and that means you would have to have a min. of 85,000 liras on deposit in the bank.

I don't know how other banks work so cannot help there.
Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas
your right, i sent an amount over in june and for the first time hsbc took a charge out £20 !!
ive complained to head office in turkey only to be told thats how it is , fine just wont send anymore money over , and move banks...

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