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Benson is Dead
"We are all still trying to come to terms with his death"

60 odd anglers have stuck a hook in it's mouth and dragged it out of the water in the name of sport. Now they're upset because it's dead.

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Benson is Dead
Near died when I read this headline cos I thought it was the REAL Benson. Hope hes well KKOB?


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Benson is Dead
l have always disagreed with the so called sport of angling fresh water fishing.Because it inflicts a lot of pain and stress on the fish.
Benson has been burdened with every meal he associates with as a trap.
How would an angler like it if he tucked in his evening meal,worrying about the possibilities of it being a trap.lt's about time we see the other side of life,instead of having a selfish attitude of me all the time.
At least Benson doesn't has to go through the anxiety of fear when he sees a meal anymore.He is now away from the pain and stress and in peace


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Benson is Dead
Probably poisoned by the tons ( literally ) of boilies showered into the water ad nauseum by so called anglers.


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