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Being a Moderator
Members come from all walks of life and different age groups but they all have one thing in common, that is an opinion which was obvious from the last few threads that have now been closed.

Our job moderating is to listen to the different opinions and not take sides. If we stepped in and closed a thread at the first sign of disagreement on the forum we would be stifling free speech and by closing it be accused of being heavy handed. We only act if the thread has nowhere to go or becomes too personal.

We too have opinions but try and refrain from joining in these debates so that any decision we make we can't be accused of being biased.

These threads are closely monitored by the moderators and Mushtaq, we don't take it lightly to close a thread or ban a person. Just because you can't see a mod online doesn't mean that they aren't there as some use the invisible mode.

Our PM box is far larger than the members because we receive so many PM's which are often abusive or containing sarcastic remarks which is uncalled for.

We have our own forum so that we can dicuss a particular thread or member before any action is taken.

Our guidelines are the forum rules so if you haven't read them lately please refresh your memory to make our job easier.

Whatever we do we can't please everyone but have to think of the good of the forum.

The reporting facility is there so that members can bring posts to our attention. We can't be expected to read every post or be online all the time as we too have lives outside TLF.
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Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Being a Moderator
Thank you Ian for the reminder, yes the moderators do, perform a good job to keep us in line, and one would hope that the moderators don't join in and show bias against a particular thread, or to an individual!, but when a heated debate is on-going it may happen. You're all human (aren't you), lol. I enjoy contributing and reading the many posts on TLF, and as in any large group some individuals will be more opinionated than others, but that's what makes it a great forum, most of the time it's fun, but hope everyone can move on from the last 48 hours.


Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
Being a Moderator
Oh to have the life of a Mod

To try and please every grumpy sod

To review, to remark, to rearrange or remove

A thankless task with nothing to prove

They frequently miss a night at the bar

Just to sit online watching things get fubar

They will always be right & always be wrong

Dependent on who is causing the pong

Oh to have the life of the Mods

Be gentle please they are human not Gods!

Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Being a Moderator
I think you do a difficult and sometimes thankless task very well Ian...

Well done to you all.



Being a Moderator
Yeah, I suppose they could be worse but let's not heap too much praise on them. A little goes a long way.


Being a Moderator
I have always thought that the mods have a hell of a job to be independent, and fair, and just. so far they have been, in my opinion, but I have apparently missed out on some of the bru ha ha ha that has been brewing.
I say keep up the good work moderators....... we have a great "MOD sQUAD" in my opinion..............

your mission in this forum isnt easy at times, but you keep us in line. thank you....and thanks for keeping the forum intact.....
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