The Carnwath Massive
Beer !
£750.00 .....I will in my #ole
My mate bought a Bira Morretti one last week, £450 plus the cost of the casks, the beer works out more expensive than buying bottles, I asked if it tasted better than the bottles, he said no difference, there are about 40 different beers available for his machine.

I think I'll pass on the idea.

durham rader

durham rader
Beer !
I see there is a new Tuborg beer out called Amber tried it and tastes quite nice, had to have another bottle to make sure.

I changed to drinking Tuborg beer after years of drinking Efes,
I thought it was just my tastes had changed but sales have overtaken Efes in a lot of places now.
I drank efes for a good 10 years always had tummy trouble. put It down too the food the climate, changed to Tuborg about 5 years ago, And my tummy problem got better

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