Been here a while !
Well first i guess I should appologise for not posting on here sooner. I read a thread where someone got a ticking off for bad manners having not introduced themselves!

I am here because I am trying to move ro Turkey and a friend of mine recommended this site.

I will move to Didim when I sell my Uk property or swap my house and mortgage! with someone with a 2 bed apt in Akbuk/Altinkum/Didim they dont want. My house is a good investment opportunity because i am being really really realistic with what its worth! I am also considering renting it out but going to give the selling/swapping idea a whirl 1st.

I've been going to Didim for the last 3 years or so since i met my fiance,
he has tried living here but didnt like it & I am not too keen either.

I am also looking for things to do when I move and have already started talks with a nice chap on here.

I have a 10 year old daughter so really keen to learn as much as i can to help with her moving to Turkey, oh and the Dog!

I hope at some point i will be able to contribute something to help or maybe entertain other members, but so far it seems there are zillions of really clever switched on and well informed people on here & not sure what i can bring to the party! Feel a bit like I turned up without a bottle!

See you all around

sarah :rockon:


Been here a while !
Hi Sarah and a warm welcome to the Forum, please don't feel left out, it is a very mixed bag on here and it kinda works, each person has something to contribute, you don't have to be ultra well informed to join in, who knows until you try you may know something that everyone has been trying to find out about.
So never worry about not having a bottle, I turned up without one too and I survived.
Look forward to your posts Sarah, enjoy!!! Speak soon, Sharon xx

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Been here a while !
Nice intro Sarah, welcome to the forum..lots of sagacious people here.. a real mine of information, enjoy.!

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Been here a while !
Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the best of the best!!!

I'll lend you a bottle (or ten), as long as you buy me a more expensive one in return!
Scottish blood you see!



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Been here a while !
You don't need to bring anything, this family shares lots together, mind you you'll soon be told if you take too much, lol. It's a great place to be informed on loads of issues. I see you like Dogs too.



Been here a while !
Hi every one I too would like to apologise for not introducing myself, I joined the forum on the 12th May, I didn't realise it was the done thing to introduce your self, then when I realised it was, I thought I'd left it too late till I read Sara's post.
My name is May I live in Tosmur just outside Alanya with my husband Brian we moved to Tosmur 2 years ago from Alanya this apartment is nearer the sea. We bought our first apartment 2003 but only came on holidays till Brian retired this year now it's living the dream.
Once again my apologises for being late with the intro May.


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Been here a while !
Welcome both of you. I guess you have found out already that this forum is very, very addictive.
Sarah, you need to get in touch with Bobthenob. He's trying to get back to the UK and he has an apartment in Akbuk (or somewhere near there) so he might, just might look into the idea of doing a swap. Not that I can speak for him.


Been here a while !
Hi May, warm welcome aboard to you as well, to get more replies, start your own thread on Introduce section, and then you will have your own, you may become lost amongst this one, welcome welcome welcome anyhow.
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Been here a while !
Sarah, welcome and best of luck, one word of caution, a Turkish education for a 10 year old would be woefully short compared to an education in western europe. Think carefully regarding this matter, you may be consigning her to a second rate future. Private education in Turkey is phenomenally expensive too.

Regard, Steve.


Been here a while !
Thanks for all your replies & warm welcome. I have been in contact with Bob what a nice chap. Re the education, i totally appreciate the valid comment about education & it is of concern, however I am lucky that my fiances father is Deputy Head at the Ataturk School in Didim and his mum has recently retired as a teacher too.

Sarah x

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