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Beauty salon - recommendations please
Hi ladies (& any metrosexual men!) :cheer2:

Are there any nice beauty salons in Didim/Altinkum you can recommend please?

I have found a nice turkish bath/masage place but fancy a bit of pampering on my holiday next month. Are there any good treatments I could try? I don't mind basic so long as it is clean and hygienic.

On my last visit I went for a pedicure near the beach (it was in a corner under a hotel just below Valentines, an internet place in the same row, possibly called Churchills?). It was ok for £7 but he straddled my leg to do my heels - I had his butt in my face and I felt like an old nag being reshod instead of pampered! Then he kept going off to eat in between...

Any tips, directions, idea of prices greatly received.

Thanks Carol x

PS if anyone needs a farrier I know a man who can! :lol::lol:


Beauty salon - recommendations please
Carol, I would highly recommend Le Figero Beauty Salon, It is located just opposite Love Tours. I just got back from 6 weeks in Altinkum and was there three or four times. Their colourist and stylist is excellent and very thorough not a grey hair was left in sight :)

They also do eyebrow threading etc... well worth a visit

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
Beauty salon - recommendations please
Hi Carol,

Id agree with Geri. I go to La Figero regularly for my hair and eyebrows. They also do a range of beauty treatments, all the usual suspects, manicures, pedicures, etc.. and they will give you a WIT discount ;-)

For massages, check out the Green Herbal House. Wonderful :)

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