Beaches near Dalaman
Hi. We were over last month to pay our regular pilgrimage to our unfinished and tapuless flat in Dalaman. <Sigh> We drove over to Sarigerme afterwards to have an afternoon on the beach, and I was disappointed not to be able to swim as the bulk of the area is marked off for watersports. Can anyone tell me if there other beaches that you can get to easily enough from Dalaman?



Beaches near Dalaman
You must visit Sarsala beach, by far the best in the area, takes about 10-15 mins drive and is a stunning view when you drop down to it. Take the road to the airport past the Opet garage and then take the road to the left, it's signposted to the beach. The road winds up the mountain and back down again towards the beach.
Its a lovely sandy beach with warm shallow water and a small beach cafe. We always head here when we visit Dalaman.


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Beaches near Dalaman
If you want to venture south towards Fethiye there are Günlüklü and Katrancı beaches - past Göcek but before Fethiye.

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