be tough!
We have lost £50,000 due to our builder in Datca doing a runner.
He has taken many people for a ride,Turks and foreigners alike, and must owe millions of ytl. we have a court case in progress, but it may be years before we see any money,if ever.

If you are thinking of buying off-plan make sure that you get a notarised contract and use a lawyer to draw that up.
Only pay in stages to limit the damage should something go wrong.

Be tough and demand receipts for all payments. So many people told us to trust turks that we thought it would be rude to call their honesty into question. How wrong we were!

When making stage payments from abroad,try to get independant verification that the work so far has been done properly. We sent £20,000 at the roof stage but he just laid tiles on the roof to take a photo, so we had to spend 8000 YTL to have that put right and 5500 YTL to stop the damp due to shoddy work.

Beware of entreaties for payments not in the contract as it will almost certainly be a sign that the builder has cash flow problems, as in our case.
Be tough!

We were taken to a shop to order furniture and white goods, which came to £5000. We sent the money as soon as we returned to England, but of course the goods were never ordered and our money went into our builders back pocket.Be tough and demand receipts and get the phone number of the shop to check that the goods have been ordered and paid for.

We paid £70,000 for some land and a shell that needed repairs and we were lucky to get the tapu as our builder had offered our tapu to a judge to repay a debt!

If I had been reading about other members horror stories on the forum, I would have been a lot more TOUGH!


be tough!
Sorry to hear about your problem,many of us have had bad experiences but not this bad,I sincerely hope it works out for you.


be tough!
Sorry to hear about your problem. We are all wise after the fact and I bet there is no one on this forum who is not richer in knowledge from being a member of the forum, i know we are. Good luck with your court case.


be tough!
So sorry to hear of this terrible saga.
Unfortunately there are good and bad people in every country but mostly the bad stories are the ones that we hear about.
It gives Turkey a bad name.
Fortunately many of us have good stories to tell.
Best of luck with the court case and hope you get your money back.
Lynne :)
be tough!
So sorry to here your bad news. its hard money to put together and then to have it taken from you. Best of luck with court case Alice


be tough!
Hello Annandpaul

Sorry to hear of your tale - I am in a similar situation although not involving so much money. We are currently at the early stages of court and having to pay some upfront costs for the proceedings.

This has really tainted our trust in anything Turkish and it was to have been where we retired to, as we really love the country and the majority of its people. At present couldn't put any more money into Turkey as I do not have the contacts to make an informed choice. I thought I had it right the first time - but was conned beautifully. I wish you luck with your court case. One thing is for sure - if/when I have my money back - and even this is looking unlikely and when my case is finished I will be naming and shaming the company not only through this forum but nationally.

I certainly know of others who continue to purchase with this company.

be tough!
Hi Guys

Tragic story, makes you angry, again its easy to be wise after the event, Thats the benefit of the Forum, so many good people with valuable info, and good contacts.

I do wish you well in your case, but as you said God knows how long it will take.

Cheers n all the best Peter


be tough!
I have been unfortunate to have been stitched up here in the UK, which has taken quite a few years to resolve. I wish you lots of luck & determination in resolving this awful situation. These low lifes really do need to be named and shamed regardless of country. Wishing you success sooner rather than later.


be tough!
Terrible to hear of anyone being ripped off, but to be stung for 50k is downright frightening. Hope you get your money back.


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be tough!
l understand what you are going through now mentally,and its a terrible burden,that's been put upon you through the selfish gains,from this builder.
l went through something similar,where l was constantly lied to.But in reality,this estate agent l was dealing with,were finding different ways to depart me from my money.Now l'm wiser and very weary of people,when they say,trust me,or your my friend,and also the classic one to groom you is,l want to help you.
Surely their must be a law in this country,to prosecute this builder.Have you tried the Jarndama,put your case to them,with photos,with other people's experience with this builder,try and get as much evidence as possible,and also publicise this terrible experience,in one of the local papers.
lf only,if only.That must've gone through your head,over and over again.Try and not to inflict mental pain on yourself,but to move on,and to see what l have gained from this terrible experience


be tough!
The same thing happened to me so I sold my furniture and car in the UK, rented out my house and gave up my job to come and live in Turkey so I could find the developer and with the help of a good lawyer it looks like it is all going to be OK - I can have title deeds now but am holiding out for iscan too - I have a £50,000 protection in place and have a final payment to make so I have some leverage - but its been nearly 2 years since I paid for my duplex.


be tough!
sorry about your situation - it make me sick, when your put your trust in people, then they abuse it..... we lost money aswell due to " im your friend trust me"..... are you able to name & shame the builder...


be tough!
Name and shame them - Don't worry as you can hide yourself behind a proxy. Open a new email on yahoo / google / GMail and post away saying "My friend had this experience buying from" Name and shame them all the way on as many forums you can.


be tough!
So sorry to hear of your major problem.
If it was me, I would be naming and shaming if only to possibly prevent someone else getting the same treatment at a future date.
Just keep to the facts.
We knew when we purchased through Parador, that we were going to pay premium prices, but quite honestly I don't think we knew anything like enough about Turkish property purchasing to do any other.
It is always pleasing to read how others have bought land and had property built independently, and of course done it at a good price, but it is the downside that worried me and unfortunately your plight has highlighted that concern.
I think you may have a long battle ahead but as already stated by Bobthenob, try as much as you can to be positive and don't let it get the better of you.I know it is easier said than done, but not worth making yourself ill over.
Good Luck.

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