Be Careful What You Feed Your Pets
Some years ago we were burgled and our Jodie dog defended the house and saw them off before they ransacked the whole house (they did ransack 3 rooms) and in the process they kicked her badly in her hip area.
She is of unknown breed (in fact even the vet doesn't know what she is a mixture of) but is about alsation size with course curley hair and is very chunky, I always struggled with her weight although, in those days, we walked 3 or 4 miles a day. We took her to the vet after she was kicked and he needed to operate on her hip but said that we needed to get her down to skin and bone to take the weight off the hip after the operation.
We started a diet of a handful of frozen casserole veg boiled up with a handful of pasta and half a teaspoon of marmite mixed with just half a tin of meat. Sure enough the weight came off without totally starving her and in fact she never needed the op.
Now she won't eat normal 'complete meal' and will only have her veg mix (even though a few onion bits are in the mix) and she is now around 16 and still going strong, if a little 'dazed and confused' these days.
She is a wonderful girl, she stinks the house out, has breathe to fell a camel, moults handfuls of hair and is generally bad tempered and stuborn - and we love her madly.


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Be Careful What You Feed Your Pets
All of our dogs eat food that been prepared by me, including a small amount of onions and garlic etc... Moderation is the key to feeding any pet and ours are all healthy, have strong white teeth and don't have bad breath.

The last time I offered them the contents of a tin of dogfood, they all turned their noses up at it and I had to throw it away.

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