BBC Website Accessed from Turkey

Forgive me for not doing a search to find the answer, but I wonder if somebody would tell me whether it is possible to use the BBC iPlayer (TV and Radio) when accessing the BBC Website from within Turkey?

Many thanks.


BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
No you cannot access BBC I Player outside the UK unless using a proxy server or VPN etc
BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
Re: BBC Website Accessed from Turkey (YouTube unlocked)


Forgive me for not doing a search to find the answer, but I wonder if somebody would tell me whether it is possible to use the BBC iPlayer (TV and Radio) when accessing the BBC Website from within Turkey?

Many thanks.

BBC and ITV check your IP, and if it's a Turkish IP they won't stream content. The easy workaround (search for the thread about Firefox / ITV) is, as Terry says, a VPN, so you fool the Beeb into thinking you are in the UK. (Actually, you are watching on the UK server, so it's legal even if it's a bit tricky). My recommendation's, but you will find all provide similar services, just different price tags. Best deal is around a fiver a month.

Despite what they claim, I haven't found a VPN to unlock YouTube, but you can do this by changing your DNS settings to and That's a FREE workaround that doesnt't require any proxy server.




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BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
BBC Iplayer will block access unless you have a UK based IP address. You just need to use a UK Proxy server, to download the content you will need a VPN.

You can find proxies on the internet for free - they can be slow though check out foxy proxy to search for the online proxies. If you don't mind spending the time it is an option though, you just need to change your proxy settings in the browser you are using.

Make sure you remove the proxy for ordinary browsing though as many are not safe and steal passwords etc.

I use a paid service called Identity Cloaker which I can also use for American stations (Hulu) and ITV and Channel 4 as well. It also bypasses blocks on different sites you get from Turkey.

There are lots of these paid VPN programs though so check the terms carefully.

Hope that helps.


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BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
I have just signed up and paid for a trial for Identity Cloaker, doesn't work for me. Cannot access Channel 4. I know that Channel 4 is one of the more problematic stations to access outside UK so if it doesn't work for that no good for me. I have requested a refund. Have paid via Paypal so will contact them if I have no joy.:angry:


BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
I listen to BBC Radio 2 all day every day, in Fethiye, via my lappy and don't have any problems.
It's great for keeping up with news and gossip but the best bit is listening to the traffic news and being able to gloat at finally getting away from the rat 'race'...hehehe


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BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
OK, maybe I shouted a bit too soon. After complaining to Identity Cloaker they emailed back to me telling me what I should do to access Channel 4 etc. I have to say this works, just tried Hulu in USA and although it connects it is quite jerky. Maybe it is the time of day, will try it in the morning an see what happens.
BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
Watching UK TV overseas

There have been a lot of threads on this, so here’s a summary of the main concepts. There are basically just three ways to watch UK TV online from abroad, Placeshifting, VPNs and Web Proxies. Any legitimate site will tell you which of these methods their system uses.


Before the BBC and other UK brodcasters put their TV output online, the only way to watch TV at a remote location was by a technology that became known as placeshifting. This involves the use of a hardware device that connects to an aerial or video source and produces a digital output that that can be sent over an internet connection.

The market leaders in this field are Slingbox and prices for Slingboxes start at 100 pounds or so. There are a few cheaper alternatives available, including the Novac USB device that allows you to stream TV over the Skype network and also the Mac only solution called The Tube that streams TV using iChat and a USB TV adapter.

The downsides to making your own TV stream are - (1) It uses a lot of bandwidth, normal broadband upload speeds are about 300k and such a device will use all of it and make the connection slow for any other device on the same connection. (2) Whichever device you use, it will need to be left on 24/7 so it's available when you want it. (3) It only works with live TV (no catchup) so if you forget to record a programme, it will be gone forever.

The upsides to this sort of solution are- (1) A lot more channels are available. (2) It's probably the only fully legal solution as the receiving equipment is in the UK and normally only one person can view it remotely.

If you're not able to make your own stream using placeshifting, there are few companies that operate banks of Slingboxes for rental but their costs are quite high, this one is £183 setup and £55 per month.

Some of the systems that you'll find advertised on the internet as 'Download our software and get access to 100's of TV channels online' are sites that offer Slingbox type solutions and in the small print you'll find mention of a monthly subscription. What you'll be downloading is a Slingbox player application. They can't offer the service for free because the cost of the bandwidth used is too expensive.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

The second way to watch UK TV online is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Since the advent of the BBC iPlayer, watching British broadcasters live streams has become a viable solution for watching UK TV online. Major channels store content for up to 30 days, so there’s no hassle about schedules – watch what you want, when you want.

However, anyone who has tried it from abroad will be aware that all the broadcasters have put in place systems to prevent users from overseas watching them.

Blocking of overseas users is done by comparing their IP address with a list of known UK IP addresses. Some of the broadcasters have their own lists and others use third party companies to do the checking for them. In either case, you will get a message such as 'Not available in your area' when you try to watch them or ‘ITV is encountering technical problems’.

There are two methods to overcome these IP based restrictions, VPNs and web proxies.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is most commonly used by the employees of large companies as a method of gaining access to the company's network or intranet whilst working at a remote location.

VPNs work by creating a 'tunnel' within a user’s internet connection, through which all the users traffic is sent. The VPN server will assign the user a British IP address and they will appear to the outside world as being part of the company's network.

IP checking services will have no way of knowing which users are physically on the UK network and which are at remote locations.

BBC iPlayer with a VPN

Using a VPN to watch iPlayer and other UK TV online is a workable solution.

However, with a VPN connection, all your internet traffic is sent via the tunnel which can slow down your connection for other things apart from watching TV. For example, if you were in the US, collecting email from your local ISP or doing a system update would require the data to travel from the US to the VPN server in the UK and then back across the Atlantic to you. Even so, in most cases this slowing would be hardly noticable, and we manage to watch UK TV and still browse other sites. But for best Internet performance, switch off your VPN when not accessing sites that require a UK IP address.

However, for some users a VPN will be the only solution as some countries such as Dubai and UAE block any sort of proxy.


One way of overcoming the massive amounts of bandwidth required (BBC iPlayer accounts for about 5% of all UK internet traffic) is to use peer to peer sharing technology such as that used by Zattoo.

This system has very few users who actually receive the original stream from Zattoo and the ones that do share it with other users further down the chain and each user in turn becomes part of the distribution network.

A VPN is the only way you can watch UK TV on Zattoo outside the UK as the Zattoo player ignores any proxy settings you may have and determines it's own connection to the internet. We have tried a VPN tunnel between UK and the Turkey and can report it uses 2Mb of continuous bandwidth in both directions when watching the Zattoo player, and we still only had a few channels and no catchup.

Whilst the quality of this system is very good, you will need a VPN with unmetered bandwidth as this system uses a lot, mostly because you have to share your stream with anyone else who wants it.

Web Proxy servers

The third and final way to watch UK TV online from abroad is by the use of a proxy server.

Proxy servers work in a similar manner to VPNs in as much as they redirect traffic over a different route but they are more selective about which traffic gets redirected.

With a proxy, you normally specify an IP address of the proxy server and a port number, usually port 8080. You can also specify what traffic is to be sent via the proxy, normal web browsing is done on port 80 and secure pages are served on port 443.

Typical proxy settings will tell your web browser that all traffic on ports 80 and 443 are to be redirected to port 8080 on the web proxy. The remote proxy server then fetches the content for you on ports 80 and 443 and sends it back to you on port 8080.

This system means that all your web browsing is done via the proxy and consequently browsing sites other than UK TV ones will be slower and you may be blocked from viewing local content.

A workaround for this issue is to use software that switches the proxy connection off and on depending on what site you are visiting. The most popular software for this is FoxyProxy, a plug-in for the Firefox browser.

You will need to set up rules in FoxyProxy to tell it which sites to use the proxy for but it's quite reliable in operation although it won't allow you to watch the BBC live streams or the BBC iPlayer desktop as these services use the system proxy settings.

Best Solution

For ease of use, affordability, mobility a VPN with a UK IP address works best. Setting up a VPN connection is easy and they will work with all common operating systems and even mobile devices such as iPhones and the iPod touch. Costs begin from as little a 4 – 5 pounds a month (though some will try to charge much more), and you can use the VPN from any location in the world. This means that if you are travelling – or even just visiting friends – you can log in to the VPN and watch British TV.

Some providers are:

UK TV Access (we own and manage this one) 10 - 12 TL monthly
Internet Cloaker 20 TL monthly
VPNUK 16 TL monthly

Of course, price isn't the only issue. Set up guides should be clear and easy to follow; they should offer a refund policy if not satisfied and make it easy to cancel; and they should not overload the service. Some VPN providers will over-subscribe and this can lead to slower speeds and programmes taking time to buffer or freezing. (This can also be due to local connection issues, too.) The only way to know is either through a recommendation of someone who actually uses the service, or to try out a service that offers a no-penalty cancellation period.

Hope that’s useful.



BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
My thanks to Neil, and all others who have contributed vastly to my knowledge of the subject. I am now much better placed to put in place the necessary measures.

Thank you.


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BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
Neil,a spot on post,yet again i too posted details a few weeks ago, of a VPN i'm using,but not enough people use the search facility here on TLF ! lol..
I went on a site called My Private Network' & this allowed me to sign up to a VPN for £5 a month.For this i use 2 main sites,TV CATCHUP & TV GUIDE UK TV LISTINGS.The latter is good as when looking at the evenings listings you can click on 'watch' & it loads that channel there & then.Tv listings use tvcatchup streams.Both sites offer the UK freeview channels & M.P.N. also allows acess to the BBC & ITV players.
If i want to watch UK TV thro' the server,i click start,in the bottom left of screen,click onto' connect to' & it offers me a choice of my usual connection or my private network.I click M.P.N.,sign in (2 secs, as it saves your password)& then straight to the site.
I would suggest that you create a shortcut for the tv sites of your choice,so you can run them without any other pages running in the background which may slow your computor & cause picture freezing.

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BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
I used MPN for about a year and was very happy. I persuaded so many other people to try it that I started wondering how hard could it be to get a server and configure it myself. Turns out it wasn't as straightforward as I thought, but I got it up and running in the end - that's the banner on the left of the screen for

European Union has ruled against BBC blocking iplayer to Europe, so from Dec 2009 iplayer will also be accessed by European IP addresses. Don't think that will include Turkey yet, though ...


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BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
..if you try FilmOn-TV watch live Television channels broadcasting TV on the Internet. you might get lucky with bbc..always select the LO one..good luck..:roundgrin

Only tried this in the day time so far (like now) and it seems to work very well :roundgrin - be interesting to see how I get on in the evening when bandwidth is a bit more contentious.

Sorry had to edit your link out due to the need to post 15 times before you can actually provide information in a useful way.


BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
As far as I am concerned the best place to go is here you can download tv porgs from UK past and present. It is very fast and very reliable. It is by invitation only but as I am a power user I have got 11 invitations so if you wnat one pm me with your email address and I willsend you one. I normally download at leats one prog a day and get my regulaf fix of match of the day, football league, rugby ashes etc plus all the great TV like Torchwood, Spooks plus just about everythign apst and present that is UK made.


BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
I watch bbc channels, itv, 4 and 5 and some film channels through FilmOn it is very good as my connection isn't the greatest and very rarely freezes. We are just having a dreambox installed which should give us itv and channels 4 and 5 as well as some sky services.


BBC Website Accessed from Turkey
I too use ....... it's normally quite good but can freeze now and again (especially when x-factor's on :dooh:).

A great way to watch UK TV live without paying for it.

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