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Wer'e not really here
Bar Stools
There are quite a few furniture shops on Ataturk B that sell breakfast bar stools if thats the type of thing you mean?

We bought some nice ones ourselves from one of them.


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Bar Stools
The ones in the 1st picture would be ideal,are the stools in the shop similar to these?.

or these


I would be very grateful if you could tell me the name of the shop and whereabts on Att Blvd it is,many thanks.

peter the postie

Wer'e not really here
Bar Stools
The ones we bought were similar to the second pic, but have no back & a cream leather seat.
Can't be 100% on the shop, but if you walk towards Didim, its on the right hand side. Its quite a large furniture shop above actual ground level, and has 5 or 6 steps outside. Best I can do sorry.


Bar Stools
Pete might be referring to Buro (I think!) - an office furniture place that sells quite a few different designs of bar stools and can order many more. This was my 'pet project' for about three years, after we had the breakfast bar/nuclear shelter built.
The shop is on the right hand side of Attaturk Blv as you walk up from the sea...further up from Circus but before Roka - sorry can't be more specific. Good luck!

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