bar query
hi there

anyone know if the M&S opposite the marina is still in Bodrum and if it is whether it is clothes or food (or both?)

also i am looking for some friendly bars and pubs maybe off the main drag in bodrum that i can go to on my own without looking like a billy no mates while i wait for my partner and sister to arrive in bodrum this summer, i actually dont mind going into places on my own but dont want any hassle once i'm in there

cheers all :thumbup:


bar query
the marks n spencer only has clothes, no food..
as for a bar, cant really help you, but im sure someone will pop in to give you some suggestions


bar query
The M&S is still there on the Harbour and is clothes only.
Sit next door at the Chinese for a drink - the guys there have been there for years, and will chat but not bother.
Sunger a few yeards the other way - is cheaper and the regular place for sitting with a paper/ a beer/ a pizza/ a gang of eight or on your own. No one is bothered.
Pop upstairs between the two rooms of Sunger to SJ Yachting and borrow a book from Kims library.

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