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Retired to Yalikavak
Banking advice please
Hi All
I know there are many threads about banking but I have been unable to find one which answers my questions precisely so I would be gratefull if anyone could clarify the following

1 I have heard that the banks/government will only guarantee up to 35,000 lira should a bank collapse is this true. As we are hoping to retire to Yalikavak in 2 years we will probably go over this limit at some stage as I am trying to save for our future.

2 We currently have our money with Garanti bank with a sterling account, lira account, & a 30 day savings account all 3 are in our joint names & my question is can we also open individual savings accounts to stay below the 35000 limit or do we need individual lira & sterling accounts to go with them. Alternatively would you reccomend we open new accounts with a different bank.

any answers will be gratefully received

Thanks in advance James


Banking advice please
strange you should ask that question we asked fatima in Garanti only this week and it is 50000 ea person

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