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Hi - need help please. I am in the UK and Susan is still in Turkey (good for her - I hear you say!!!)

Ok - so I find myself with 3 Turkish Bank accounts all in joint names:
There is a Turkish Lira current account
There is a Turkish Lira savings account
There is a sterling current account

And after much "todo" I have finaly got internet access to these accounts. And initially I think great they have an English mode - so brilliant! But can I transfer money between accounts - nope failed every time. So what am I doing wrong ? When I get to the internet pages for money transfer the pages return to Turkish transcript - not so brilliant. I am attempting to use "babylon 8" translation software to interpret for me - but its proving painful - any suggestions from others gratefully received.
Bank Accounts - IsBank
maybe its as mine was you need to setup the pin and password ? via a turkish mobile ?

Or can Susan not go into the bank to ask why you are struggling, they may shed some light for you.



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Bank Accounts - IsBank
Can't help with the bank account but try using Google Translate. Not perfect but it seems to be pretty good for simple stuff.


Bank Accounts - IsBank

You should be able to move money between the current accounts without bother. I haven;t tried it yet. HAve you tried emailing the bank for help. I bank with HSBC in Turkey and they are quite helpful via the email

On another note , I think you should tell Susan to come home, she has been out there long enough !!!!!!!!!!!

Im soooooo jeleous


Bank Accounts - IsBank
Ring your branch - we bank with HSBC in Serik and they are GREAT! Good English speaker called Rahime there.
Bank Accounts - IsBank
hi there,
susan is on her way home now but i suggest move your accts to garanti online banking which we use and have had no problems .
oh the pool is wonderful.
regards amanda and lawrence
Bank Accounts - IsBank
wrong bank for international banking. Isbank good in Turkey with Turkish customers.
I have not used Internet banking but I do rather to bank with AKBANK.


Bank Accounts - IsBank
Customer service? You mean sitting for an hour waiting for your number to come up while the turks walk in off the street, go straight to the counter, get serviced, take a number before they leave and hand it to the bank clerk as they walk out the door?


Bank Accounts - IsBank
Ive got nothing but praise for the İS bank in Didim. I go to the top floor and see Okan who speaks perfect English.
I transfer money between my accounts through the transfer drop down thats at the top. When i sign in though i get a message sent to my mobile (im in turkey so turkcell mobile) with a password that i have to put in.
Maybe you should give Okan a call i have the direct number to his desk its
0090 256 8116527.
Hope this helps
Bank Accounts - IsBank
I seen better than that in Akbuk, regarding the waiting on the quie. One of the guard was handing numbers the once he liked . I complained but , he run up stairs before than me and opened the managers door and said " if you want there you go , you can complain "
Another guy was screaming for an hour about the guard, and he pissed of and left..

Well he was right bank manager backed up the guard and told me off!! by the way I am from Turkey. So it doesn't make any difference you are from Turkey or not, some does their way..
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Bank Accounts - IsBank
IS BANK Istanbul : they gave me wrong information regarding interest rates and made me change the money 3 times in half an hour , and I lost 900 pound in half hour!!!
I was looking for which currecy has more interest rate!!!

IS BANK Bursa : After seing an customer advicery representative and setting up an saving account with interest, did come back a year after but my money was not in the saving account and no interest for a year. And the person was on a maternaty leave (!!) so couldn't face her.
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