Completely Chillaxed
Bamboo Shoots
So, there I was eating me breakfast and congratulating myself on having got through reading the forums and the newspapers online without once losing the ADSL connection when the phone rang, dropping the connection.

It was the Old Lady Of Keciler ( nice cottage, small pool, no room for a polo pony ). "If you'd like some bamboo shoots, be at the entrance to the estate at 11am precisely and I'll get my man to bring them down to you".

Never one to turn down the chance of hobnobbing with the gentry, at 11am precisely I presented myself on the trusty scooter at the gates where I was greeted by Paul, her main man.

Well, I was slightly taken aback when I discovered that my plans for a Chinese banquet for me and Mrs KKOB that night would have to be shelved when the "bamboo shoots" turned out to be slightly more mature than I'd envisaged.

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