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Bad things in 3's
Do bad things come in three's if so the rest of my day should be great.
1. Woke at 5.45am to find one of the cats on our bed obviously in pain. Could not see any visable reason so a quick phone call to our vet - open 24/7 -and within minutes we were on our way to Bodrum. He could not see anything wrong so took a blood test and it showed that he has a bacterial infection plus a light dose of poison. So he is an inmate at the vets.
2. Although early we decided to take the dog for her walk, she cannot tell the time well not that acurately, so she was willing to go. When we arrived at our usual spot the entrance was being guarded by a kangol so obviously the sheep were around. Big dog, descretion being the better part of valour, we left and went up the road to another spot, not a place we like very much but when needs must.
3. This walk is difficult because it has long grass and hidden stones and fircones and my worst nightmare a snake, ok so it was only a small one but it was a snake and that place is out of bounds now.

So we are now hoping for a happy day???


Bad things in 3's
Oh dear Gill - hope your cat soon recovers

And hope you have a happy day with no more mis haps !


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Bad things in 3's
With m y wishes for a speedy recovery for the cat.

Yes, Jill, things do come in threes, not only bad things,but good things too.


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Bad things in 3's are right..bad things do come in three's
Person goes to emlak and is groomed with mind bending distorted info.Buyer then goes to builder to buy a property that is not what is stated.Buyer then goes to the so called solicitor recommended by the emlak only to be swamped with deception and confusion.
Emlak,builder,and solicitor are the three evils in sucking you in with their manipulative policies of deception.

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