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ive posted so many bad things lately that İ didnt want to post another.....but my youngest sons partner died on Friday in the same sort of circumstances. Caroline was only 42 and has 4 sons from her previous marriage..the oldest one with severe cerebral palsy. Michael told me he couldnt wake her up on Wednesday.
She was put on life support until Friday, the Doctor told Michael it was a time bomb waiting to happen nobody could have predicted it.
They have been together for only 18 months but have been so very happy together and the kids have all taken to my son, Caroline was wonderful a lovable loving woman in spite of all the difficulties ahe had been through.

There s been so many awful things going on lately with people i love it brings it home how fleeting our lives are and how much we shouldnt take one another for granted, so that we will never know the futility of regrets.
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Bad news
Really sorry to hear that Shirley what a terrible time you and your family are having. I hope things will pick up for you very soon, condolences to all.


Bad news
Shirley, I also am very saddened to read your news, what a truly awful thing to happen and to one so young, I am so sorry. I am sure you are all absolutely devastated by this sudden death, life can be so very very cruel at times. Please accept my sincere condolences. Thinking about you all. Sharon x


Bad news
Oh my goodness!
Shirley I am so sad to hear this news.
My heartfelt sympathies to all your family.

I agree with your comments about life being too short for regrets. I lost a cousin also last thursday. He was only 48 and has three daughters and seven grandkids. We just don't know what life is going to throw at us.

Blessings to you and your family and those dear little kids.



Bad news
Hello Shirley, Val and I are so sorry to hear of more sad news, things just seem to be happening one after the other to you, it should'nt happen to such a nice person as yourself, life can sometimes be so perverse sometimes,, we are thinking about you, and pray for you.
all our thoughts, Warren, Val.


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Bad news
Dear Shirley I am so sorry to hear this latest piece of bad news. I sincerely hope that all the bad will stop and that you will have some good news very soon.
Bad news
Thanks everybody..(i made this post on the thread about Steven Gately ) İt does seem as though once trouble starts it goes on and on, we have had no let up for the last few years yet in my working life as a nurse /health visitor i have met a lot people who have gone through much worse.
My thoughts are with Carolines family as well as my son Michael. She was a wonderful mother, i saw her when i was over and she just smiled and smiled and smiled at me she was so pleased to see me and Michael was the happiest ive seen him. Hes very shy and Caroline has brought him out so much as she has involved him in the activities in the centre where her handicapped boy attends.
İt does pay to be thankful and appreciate one another when we can.

Sunny Seasider

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Bad news
Shirley I am so sorry to hear this terrible news, again for someone so young, as all others have said I hope that life has dealt you enough blows and some good things can happen. My thoughts are with you all at this very sad time.



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Bad news
You're right. When something happens it makes you re evalute certain things and situtations in life.

Please don't feel the need to dub down or appologise for posting your news and feelings on this forum. Many wonderful people on here would rather you shared than put on a smiley face.

Lots of love to you and your family at these sad and trying times.


Bad news
Oh dear Shirley, I am so sad to hear your news and really feel for you and your family. There isnt anything I can say that hasnt already been said but the sentiments are there all the same. Please PM me whenever you want to have a chat, thats what friends are for. Molly


Bad news
Shirley I am so sorry to hear your news, like everyone else my thoughts and love go to every who is suffering at this tragic time.

I am also sending you a big cyber hug cause I think you could do with one xxxxx


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Bad news
Dear Shirley . After reading the Stephen Gately post I did'nt understand why people missed what you had said . So i made my own thread About prioritys .
Martyn kindly moved it . Its good to have support from people who care about you .
And we all care about you . Like i said befor My thoughts and prayers are with you your son and those children . pm whenever you wish to talk . Hugs ..Diane

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