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Hi all
Well we are back home in England (cold ,wet & misserable,no change there then). Id like to start by thanking those of you we met while we were there. Thanks for your time & your friendleness towards strangers.
We came over to view property but didnt find quite what we were looking for.
Akbuk is a beautiful place & your right when you come round the corner from the hotel (Crystal I think) WOW!!!!!!!!!! stunning, just a shame we didnt find what we wanted & believe you we looked at plenty & also the mossies took a liking to Nick, had him for breky, dinner, tea & supper even with spray on. I was ok though.:hehe:

We actually took a drive down to Yalikavak on the Sunday & again a beautiful place, viewed about 6 properties down there all around our price range, so they are there, but again didnt find quite what we wanted, but it was a little rushed didnt arrive in Yallikavak till about 12 & we were flying home next day could of done with a few more days there, o well. So in conclusion we have decided to broaden our search down to the Bodrum peninsula area. Hoping to come over again soon.

Again THANKS :blowkiss:

Sunny Seasider

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Sorry that you didn't find what you are looking for. We have bought on the Bodrum Peninsula near Yalikavak, so glad that you liked the area. It is stunning, but equally so does the Akbuk, Altinkum Didim area. Yes we came home on Saturday and been miserable weather ever since we came back, except for today the sun is out, but the air still feels cold, it was beautiful when we were there. Oh well 7 weeks befoew we return and marking the days off, lol.


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