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Baby 'Cut From Womb'
This just doesn't even bear thinking about. A baby cut from the womb of a woman whose body was found decomposing at her US home has been found alive, police say.

What the hell kind of people inhabit this world? I just don't know any more...

More on this story here, here, and here


Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Baby 'Cut From Womb'
I couldn't believe what i was hearing when i saw the news item.... it's like a storyline from a horror movie.. how anyone could do this kind of thing is beyond comprehension... what kind of world do we live in..???



Baby 'Cut From Womb'
My sister told me about this, and I was imply mortified. appalled really, what the hell drives these people? horrifying really..........


Baby 'Cut From Womb'
yes I just read this in the Mail, she pretended to be pregnant for 8 months and killed her friend and stole her baby from the womb. I hope she lives in a state in America that has the death penalty, it is so mecabre. I did feel sorry for the poor man who thought he was the father . What a cruel cruel women. Ruining so many lives.


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