Today we went to Mersin to renew my Residency Permit. We checked the list of documents that were required last year and added a few more that we thought would come in useful.

“OK,” said the not-so-young policewoman looking at our marriage certificate. “Do you have proof that you haven’t got divorced this year?” Except she said it in Turkish.

“Ne?” said MyWife, which is ‘What?’ in Turkish.

Turns out we needed to go to the census office and get a bit of paper which shows they have checked that we haven’t been divorced.

The census office is the other side of Mersin. Of course.

We did it. The delay meant that we didn’t get the Residency Permit today, which was theoretically possible, but can pick it up tomorrow.

We’ll go on Monday, just to be sure.


I am sure they make it up as they go along!

I just wish there was a standardised official list to get various things done in Turkey and that they would adhere to it.
when we lived in Antakya i once went to the Vali/Governor and next to his very big new PC was a box full of different coloured rubber stamps! A date stamp a signature stamp an approval stamp, a no go stamp etc etc.
İn the next office were three secretaries and next to each PC was a box of coloured rubber stamps the same as the governor's....all labelled to go with whichever document needed stamping..and of course each document was stamped several times with a different stamp.
The system might change(or try to) but oh! the importance of a rubber stamp and the satisfaction of thumping them down, three times with different stamp in rapid succession on maybe six copies ..think of how intimidating that could be if you were poor lost and lonely.

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