Hi everyone in Turkey - you lucky things!!! We are thinking of buying a property in Avsallar - I have read a couple of comments about the area which sound impressive - what are the likely costs of a Villa (semi or detached, preferably a sea view). Are there any plans for lots of new builds in the area etc... Do you think once we have bought property we could live on approx £450 per month??
Thanks for your help


Hi jss05, at the present rate of exchange, £450 would give you 1066.5liras and that's at the bank(HSBC) where you get a better rate than at the exchange shops, so it comes out at 266liras per week.

So assuming that is your total income then I am afraid that there is'nt really anyway you could live off that-----unless you prefer to live like a hermit.


Hi JSS and welcome to the Forum. I live in Avsallar and think you have chosen a beautiful area of Alanya to move to. With regard to property buying in the area, there are lots of properties for sale but you will struggle to find a property with a full sea view unless you buy right at the back of Avsallar on the hillside and then you would need a car. Most of the seafront /sea view properties are hotels. I would be wary of any new build in Turkey at the moment because of the debt that may be already on the property. I don't know what your spending habits are, but I think you would struggle to live on £450 a month for a couple. The cost of food is as expensive here as in the UK with the exception of fresh fruit and veg. Electrcity costs are expensive as is petrol and the cost of running a car. Even the bus fare to Alanya is £2.00 one way. If you are not familiar with Avsallar, please send me any questions you may have and I will try and help you.


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