Avsallar to antalya
Thinking of visiting Antalya for the day traveling from Avsallar as we have never been further than the airport, is it quite easy to get onto the city and park and any recommendations for things to see and do, I have heard they have dome good shopping malls.



Avsallar to antalya
I've done it on the bus Jane and it is a lovely cosmopolitan city which I am sure you will enjoy. I'm sure other members on here who live in Antalya will be able to tell you about parking and shops in Antalya.

Avsallar to antalya
Hi Jane
there are a good few big malls in antalya and all with parking facilites. when we go up (usually for an M&S bra as i cant get a good one in Alanya)we go to the Lara centre which is near Dedeman Hotel..but this is small compared to Migros and Deepo.
The Deepo Mall is near the airport so you wouldnt have to face the stress of driving through antalya when its busy
the migros one is in Konyaaltı ..there should be a map on their website.
Deepo doesnt look much from the outside..but its ok..
there is another more recent mall shemall(i think) but i havent been there..but one mall is pretty much the same as another
there are some great places to shop in more traditional areas of town..and if its not too hot the best place for browsing is down by the harbour.
Deepo AVM
Avsallar to antalya
Shopping malls;
Deepo, Migros 5M(Konyaaltı), Özdilek, Kipa,Terracity(Lara, there is a M&S in there) Real,. All of these have large carparks.

Shopping street; Gulluk.

Things to do. Kaleiçi,Hadrians Gate,and city centre. AtaTürk house.(park in the football stadium carpark all day one price 4 lira if I remember the price correctly.

UFO museum close to Sun Express junction.

Kurşunlu waterfall (take the Isparta road and follow the signs)

Atatürk park ( I pleasant stroll through the gardens and along the cliff top)

Museum (Konyaaltı)

After dark the light and music display at the fountains close to the clock tower near Kaleiçi.

Be aware that there is a cafe/restaurant close to the clock tower and on of the ways into Kaleiçi (painted orange) is notorious for serious overcharging.


Days On The Beach in Side
Avsallar to antalya
Hello Jane - when will you be in Antalya? - if you fancy a further 50 mins drive, then do visit Side which has - lots of Roman ruins - an active amphitheatre with FREE concerts from now until 17th September - turtles - a long walkway all along the coastline - shops - Saturday market - ane me !!! But I'm not there until 31st August this time.

My favourite place in Antalya is Duden Waterfall Park where you can sit beneath the waterfalls and have lunch or walk behind them as well - just 5 kms outside of Antalya City.

My favourite shopping mall there is the very large 5M Migros - looks like an American mall to me. Has absolutely everything you could want. And on many layers too. Enjoy!

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