avoiding mosquitoes?
We are on a week long property buying visit Oct 23 to 30, and visiting both the Akbuk/Yesilkent area and Yalikavak/Gundogan/Gumusluk area.

Which is best for avoiding mosquitoes?
Which is best for retiring to and living permanently? We have travelled widely in Turkey in the last few years and love the country and can't wait to be living there.

We are in Akbuk from Sunday 23 to Tuesday 25 and Yalikavak Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27, then we are going to make up our minds ( hubby and I both dither!!) and buy on Friday.

would welcome your thoughts.

Wish us luck

Gill & Bryan


avoiding mosquitoes?
The subject of mossies was posted by myself a couple of weeks ago in the Akbuk part of the forum after myself, my wife and young daughter were chewed up by them in Akbuk recently. There are some interesting suggestions there. Look in the Akbuk section or even better, do a search as it does come up time and time again in this forum.
Good luck with the house hunting Gill and Bryan. We have purchased in Akbuk this summer and its a place many people are starting to fall for. Anyhow, you will have to make your mind up yourself but at least you will get a flavour for yourself. It is out of season now, bear that in mind as some of the normal services might not been operational, but its an excellent idea to spend a few days there and in Yalikavak.

Its never too late to start learning the language (if you haven't already do so) as this will make your potential retirement there both easier and far more enjoyable.

Once again, I wish you the very best of luck.


avoiding mosquitoes?
My wife has suffered for years with mosi's, if she gets bitten then each bite turns into a golf ball size lump and become infected. She has found the perfect defense now but has to follow a routine that takes half an hour each night, the routine is:

Shower, start from your toes and work up covering every inch of your body with Avon Skin so Soft, then repeat the whole process and cover yourself with Sin Kov. She wears a ring that is split and last year forgot to remove her rings when applying the stuff, she got bitten on the tiny area between the ring on her finger.

I promise you this works 100% as long as you take the time and apply the lotions to 100% of your body.

Good Luck

avoiding mosquitoes?
hi Rimms..what you said about the little patch where her ring was has happened to me the hell they know beats me. i hunt them before we go to bed...
sevrisinek is the name in turkish

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