Art Prints
We have found it difficult trying to find pictures that we liked in Turkey.

There is a good website where they have over half a million prints catering for all tastes called Allposters.

Our first order has just arrived and we will take them out with us and have them framed in Turkey. We have already made enquiries about having pictures framed and they are a lot cheaper than the UK.

Don't take any notice of the "20% sale ending tomorrow" as it is every day but make sure you click on it to get the code so that you can enter it when you checkout to get the reduction.

Off to find some more prints to take out....................

A Prints by AllPosters.co.uk


Art Prints
Or paint your own when you are out there, I do, lots of big nudes and big skies - not together though, bit much I thought to paint a nude in a big sky,not very restful viewing for the dearly beloved when he's trying to relax!
Go on - just get some paint and canvas and splash it on.

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