Art Club Winter months
I thought maybe some of the people living in Turgutreis might be interested in this.

It's not me running it, it's a friend named Colin but if any of you are interested PM me and I will put you in touch with him.

What can we do to stimulate ourselves this winter?

What about an Art Club? I can't draw or paint you may say but have you tried? No, then let's have a go as it's great fun and will get you off the couch and out of the house.

What you Need

A few items are essential and very reasonably priced. I get most of my materials at the stationers opposite the tea garden. They are very good, they supply everything you need to create a masterpiece! It would be best if you organise yourselves into two's or three's and put in say 10tl each that way you will have everything you need to get started for 20-30TL. The brushes cost 2-3TL, synthetic brushes the hog hair or sable are far too expensive. We will be working in Acrylic which is similar to oil but dries very quickly.

We need about 6 people to get the club going as 60 TL is enought o spend on materials.

This is for pure enjoyment, no pressure, no homework and remember there is no artist in History that painted the same way or style. There is no race or time scheldule this is purely meant to be to have fun. Have a go you might suprise yourself. If you have a bit of flare all the better if not it doesn't matter, slap the paint on and see where it leads you!


Art Club Winter months
oooh, sounds great fun, wish I was closer I'd be in on this like a rocket.
Brilliant idea. Can we see some of the artwork produced when you get going?
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Art Club Winter months
Hi Gail,
Did Colin start up the art group yet? Can you PM me his contact details please.

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