Sharon's family

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Arriving on sat ;-)
Hi all

some of my family are arriving on saturday and are looking forward to spending time in the sun :roundgrin .

How is the weather there at the mo? Are the bars in the pool areas open?

thanks in advance



Arriving on sat ;-)
Hi, Is it Sharon and Mark you mean , at Yasmin Gardens? If so, then yes, all pools up and running. The bar should be open early June. We came back on Monday after a 3 week stay. Site is looking good. Had a great time with Sharon and MArk last year round the bar.
Hope you have a great time
John and Jacqui .


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Arriving on sat ;-)
Hi Sharon and Mark

Yes YGs is looking great this year so enjoy your stay

Message for John and Jaqui
Hi John and Jaqui
Hope you recovered from all that gardening? :lol:

I am sure everyone will enjoy Yasmin Gardens even more this year now that we are getting to know our neighbors.
I keep telling the present Mrs G. that buying here was the best thing we ever did.(other than getting wedded of course)


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Arriving on sat ;-)
We have just spent 3 weeks in our apartment at Y G & have to say that the pool, gardens & all of the finished complex is looking lovely. The staff on site have all worked really hard to get it looking so good . We think it is the best looking complex in Akbuk & the staff are so helpful & friendly. The new restaurant was just opening as we left so we will have to wait until we return in Sept. to make use of it.Our family will be out in July & we know that they will have a lovely time ,fun & relaxing. The pool side bar is very convenient & good place to hear some of Alfie's ( the barman ) jokes . Wendy & Norman .

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