Armed Forces Day 2009
Hi all

Just wanted to alert people to Armed Forces Day on June 27th 2009...the first one!

Don't want to be too political but as someone who has spent a short time as a reserve in the Navy and with a partner and friends who are also in the Navy I will be supporting the events of the week leading up to June 27th and wanted to publicise it as widely as possible. It is a chance to show support for the personnel whether you agree with where they get sent and why...

No offense is intended to anyone (and I don't want the thread to ignite into a debate about the forces) just directing anyone interested to the website where you can see events in your area of the UK and download stuff...

Armed Forces Day | Honouring Britain's Armed Forces - Past, Present and Future.

Thanks for reading
Paul x


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Armed Forces Day 2009
Hi Paul, thank you for bringing it to the attention of the forum. I spent 25yrs in the Royal Air Force.


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