Are you outraged?
Not in the slightest - they happen to be human and as a psychologist only recently pointed out, the snow brings out something of the child in a lot of adults and as the Police force is a mix of society, why not?
Besides, would the public warm to people who they see as being just at the end of the day 'one of them' or prefer a stand-offish robot who shows no emotions.
Personally, as this came out on a day when about 50,000 people were reported killed in Haiti, I think there are worse things happening in the world to be concerned about just now !


Are you outraged?
Loads of people pop out for a cigarette break, extended chat break etc. No harm and with the stress in their job I have no issues at all - would actually make me smile.

There was almost certainly less robbery, and less traffic policing etc to do since with the snow presence, so hopefully the reprimand is "just in case" of recriminations.
Are you outraged?
we all need to lighten up a bit ..glad they enjoyed it.
the Jandarma in Mahmutlar have a facebook site and have a home vid of them playing pillow uniform..and they havent been told off.


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Are you outraged?
No. It made me laugh but he just kept on going - I wondered if he was going to stop. Carol


Are you outraged?
I'm not outraged in the slightest, makes a change from them attending sad scenes, a bit of light relief is needed at any time.


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Are you outraged?
Glad they enjoyed themselves , So many days when they face much worse things than snow ......Diane
Are you outraged?
So now we have the " Jobsworth Police " nabbing the real police trying to have some unguarded fun !

What on earth is wrong with this country these days ?

Has fun been outlawed ?

Do the illuminati want us all to be simply miserable robots earning their money for them so they can have fun ?

The Jobsworth, PC & Health & Safety mob are doing their level best for this to be the case.

Rant over & time to take my medicine. My doctor prescribes Newcastle Brown Ale for when I begin to feel rants coming on, what he doesn't know is the condition is a load of bo***x

Its simply been invented by me so I can have an excuse to drink copious amounts of my brown medicine & have fun and if apprehended, for me to be able to say my doctor has authorised this !!! :gulme:


Are you outraged?
I agree, good for them. Shows a more human side to the Police.

I would even go so far to say that they should have chosen a busier location with more kids and parents about. Would have made great moves to getting to know the community.

Tug Wilson in Notingham ( once on of UKs tallest Police officers) was a Land Mark in Notts, he patrolled in front of the council house. big old guy, big handle bar moustache. He would never turn down a snowball fight with the kids who used to hang around the market square.


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Are you outraged?
As a person who can remember " old time coppers " i for one want to see more policepersons interacting with the community, gettin involved, sharing the joke when appropriate ( and sometimes when not so ) not Politically Correct Policepersons frightened to mix in, more power to the good guys.



Are you outraged?
also in the press today 2 community support officers stopped and searched two 10 and 11 year old boys . the reason for their search as written on the official paperwork--- sledging!

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