Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?
Tax & salaries have long since been a bone of contention with our forces. Ok they do get Bits n Bobs extra while away but no were near like other nations Forces. But our goverment gets it back in different ways. Yet any problems around the Globe we allways seem to pop up. Allowences for our Forces vary from Country to Country for example In Germany our Forces get extra for being away from their uk base . Northern Ireland was classed as a home posting Cyprus nothing why its classed as a sovereign base area. It would be interested to find out What classification Iraq & Afganistan are.

No tax to our Forces in a war zone Give them what they deserve & most of all bring them home safe . Ok my info is dated so it would be interesting to find out from someone currently serving what the position is now


Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?
When living in Barracks (usually 4 to a partitioned room) in UK, every soldier who has a TV is obliged to pay a FULL Licence fee (i.e 1 TV Licence does not cover the whole block - or even the partioned room!

But prisoners in Jail only pay £10 for a TV Licence!

British fairness - not worth a w*nk!!


Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?
NI was classed as war zone I think until about 18 months ago, however Iraq and Afghanastan are classed as `peace keeping missions` therefore do not get extra payments for being in a war zone....Cheapscape government!

I don`t think they are treated well..example I know of one who works in the RAF and after tours of duty in Iraq he is flown outside Iraq and then has to book his own flights home, I think slightly better for the army as they have larger numbers and provide transport.

And don`t get me started on the equipement! Having to buy their own equipement in many cases and the Puma helicopters used in Iraq are over 35 years old! Older than many of the pilots that actually fly them.

Internet access is also very limited compared to US bases, the accommodation is inferior to US bases as well.


Completely Chillaxed
Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?
I wonder if it's affected their No Claims Bonus ? :hmm:


Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?
I watched a good article on BBC Breakfast news this morning in which retired Colonel Tim Collins said that the new recruits (yes they get sent out quickly too, because we are struggling for numbers) get less pay than a new recruit in the fire service or police and just for good measure, a traffic warden !
He also stated that the UK housing where their families live is often of such a state that it would be condemned as not being suitable for asylum seekers.
Just about says it all for me! Add the poor equipment and tax on top of it and basically I can understand why Gordon McBrown paid an un-announced visit to Afghanistan last week, it wasn't for the taliban threat but more likley being shot by one of ours!
Now if just one person had to stand on a landmine, he's it.
Are UK Troops Underpaid And Overtaxed ?
My Fiance (who is a Petty Officer) has had some awful accomodation here in the UK courtesy of the Navy, his current place is disgusting so much so that I am refusing to stay there which has an impact on the time we can spend together. He has to pay the MoD for the privelege of staying there which infuriates me beyond belief. The papers today are full of the squalor that the boys and girls are having to put up with in Afghanistan too - it makes me so mad!!! These guys have to pay for everything - accomodation (unless they are on a ship or on active service in a war/conflict/peace keeping area), food, laundry etc. The salary is not commensurate with the long hours, unsociable hours, sudden overseas call up, danger, commitment in the face of moral quandary sometimes...I could rant so much more but why drive you all potty too!!!
The forces is a vocation for some and a job for others, the jobbers leave after a few years and use the skills in other jobs...the rest stay for their length of service and deserve to live better than HMP inmates and be able to afford a good lifestyle.
Sorry :eek:)

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