Appartments Name
Hi Everybody

Can any body tell me the name of the appartments next to tansas in Akbuk on the front they have the big glass balconeys.About four storys high.

Thank you lizzy

Appartments Name
hi lizzy,
i wonder if these are the ones that i am interested in, Turquouse court?
i have posted a question in relation to them. if they are you might let me know and save me alot of grief. Thanks.


Appartments Name
Hi Turley , the name of the appartments is Whitebay ! i have one of the 5 bed duplexes at the back .

Mal Lisa

Appartments Name
Hi Lizzy,

Thats mine and Lisa's apartment, I think thats the one you mean.

If you turn left up the road, with Tansas on your left, ours is the one nearest to you at the back. It is the two top floors (Duplex).

Is this the one you mean. Its called Whitebay. There is a resturant supposedly being built over the road from the apartments, next to beach


I think I have attached a photo??


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