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'Appalling' Conditions at UK Puppy Farm
Apparently it's not just Turkey where dogs are mistreated...

An undercover investigation has revealed appalling conditions at puppy breeding farms that supply one of the UK's biggest pet shops.

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'Appalling' Conditions at UK Puppy Farm
appaling, we get stories like this here, and they shut down the places right away, and have an adoption program. several of my friends have adopted pets from these places, all over the country, they pay to have them fly out, i always thought, egads we have our own humane society right here where it wouldnt cot an arm and a leg, but there are special people who want to care for these unfortunate puppies. we have a lot of katrina dogs and horses out here on the west coast too.....


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'Appalling' Conditions at UK Puppy Farm
Ah yes i watch animal cops Houston ect But in USA don't you call it puppy mills ? Whaterever its called its awful The Kennel Club can revoke the breeders Licence . Theres rules on how many litters a bitch can have also an age limit . The council may have let them keep thier licence But the RSPCA and KC probabably have other ideas . Theres dozens of puppy farms in wales Also Ireland . And a big one in Bursa !!! Anyway mustn't get on my perch about this as i and many reputable breeders have been campaining against this for years . Like i've always said DONT buy from pet shops . it fuels the puppy farmers Diane

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