Anyone know a good cadiologist or clinic
Hi,we need to be able to see a cardiologist,preferably whenever we want to,so probably means going private.Need regular check ups,tests and medication revues.Anybody know of a good local cardiologist or clinic in the area,say Didim?


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Anyone know a good cadiologist or clinic
Not sure if this any use to you but I have seen 'medical' queries in the past answered by Ms Who's/Kym's business partner (KarynUK perhaps?). I think there is a medical side to their business as well as the cosmetic surgery (is it called something like Fly or Jet to Beauty?). Maybe she/they can recommend someone.
Sorry it is a bit vague but I am stuffed after a big Sunday roast & can't think properly (wonder if they do lipo?!)
PS Hope you enjoy your trip to Eygpt - went to Luxor a few years ago and really enjoyed it.


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Anyone know a good cadiologist or clinic
There is nothing local, but we would highly recommend the Cardiologists/Cardiology clinic at Aydin Adnan Menderes Hospital. This is where Ian had his quadruple heart bypass. It is a teaching hospital and you don't pay anywhere near the amount you have to pay at a private hosptial.

Please PM me if you require any further details.


Anyone know a good cadiologist or clinic
Hello there
I am going to relocate to Akbuk and I was in Altimkum when the request went out for O neg blood. I contacted Voices Newspaper. They took my name and thought you were covered. I am glad everything worked out well for your husband, Ian. Best wishes

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