Any property to rent in bodrum?
Hi all,

Going to move to bodrum in next few months. Looking for a long term rental property for a year, 3 beds. Quite liked icmeler, anybody know of anything or have any advice about location? Definitely want to be in bodrum itself, too quiete elsewhere.




Any property to rent in bodrum?
Hi Colin
your question is so general it is hard to know where to start!
But it is a renters market at the moment - superficially, but it still needs a good search and a good idea of what you want.
Icmeler - or Halikarnas / Manastir side have some very nice, larger size places, and most with a seaview.
Furtherest and steepest from supermarkets/market, but have a dolmus.
A friend's friend had one large apartment for rent a couple of months ago (PM if you wish)
What else..there are emlaks (estate agents) advertising ...!

Good luck!



Any property to rent in bodrum?
Yep - Provide a few more details and I may be able to help. How many people - Adults/Children? Time period, which months?
Any property to rent in bodrum?

me, the wife and our 2 year old daughter.
Probably looking at end of march for one year, with a view to settling permanently.

Guler Duru

Guler Duru
Any property to rent in bodrum?
Hi Colin,

I think my house in Baris is pretty much like what you are looking for. It has a wonderful view overlooking to Karaada and the Greek island Kos. It has three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, guest toilet, living room and a balkony. If you are interested, I will send you some pictures.
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Any property to rent in bodrum?
Dunno if this is totally not the done thing but I am looking for very similar so have snuck in here instead of starting a new thread. :redface:

We are looking for very soon though, 1 adult and 2 children (2 or 1 bedrooms if enough sleeping/ living space). Minimum of 1 month, maybe longer. We need central (I think) and internet would be a big bonus! My mother is also looking for somewhere in Bodrum but she needs unfurnished, same sort of size.

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