Does someone know where we could find antique in Istanbul?

We are looking for old beds, mirrors, etc.
They don't have to be restorated, we like to do that ourselves.

We want to buy old stuff for our restored olive oil factory in Turkey.


Completely Chillaxed
There are quite a few antique shops in Istanbul and there's an antique / flea market in the Fatih district. It's called the Horhor Flea Market.

I think there's also one held behind the Blue Mosque / Sultanahmet Camii on Sundays.

The only problem is that you'll pay "Istanbul prices".

You'll probably find it far cheaper to buy antiques in towns and cities towards the east. Konya and Malatya are good places to start looking.


Shake It Baby...
Çukurcuma Square is a favorite destination for antique lovers, in Istanbul. There are loads of shops in the nooks and crannies of the narrow streets feeding into the square. You can find old and new furniture, accessories, paintings, carpets, and all kinds of fascinating little artifacts. Also, these;

Horhor Bit Pazarı (Flea Market)
It is very difficult to find this market, but the reward is well worth the effort. This is a flea market with seven stories and two hundred twenty shops filled to bursting with furniture and collectibles.

Mecidiyeköy Antikacılar Çarşısı
This immense building in the heart of Mecidiyeköy is packed with refined antique shops that sell old and new decorative accessories and furniture.

Üsküdar Antikacılar Çarşısı
It is located just behind the Municipality Building in Üsküdar. There are about forty stores offering antiques 80-160 years old and antique pieces from Europe and the Ottoman Empire. You can also find old but not antique pieces at reasonable prices.

Kadıköy Antikacılar Çarşısı
Kadıköy Antikacılar Çarşısı is located at a multiple story building at the beginning of Moda Caddesi. However many antique dealers have shops at both Moda and Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi and the narrow streets opening to those avenues, such as Tellalzade, Sakız. Many old objects besides antique pieces are available. You may be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of attractive goods!

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Karyn UK

Antiques can be an outrageous price. Sometimes it helps to look locally and you are in Datca so there could be some interesting stuff in the villages around you, try asking the locals carpenters, they may be making new furniture to replace old. Just a tip, ask for things that are "eski" (old) rather than things which are "Antik" because as soon as you attach the word Antik to something the price quadruples.

I once spent several hideous days in Izmir looking for old doors and hitting my head against a brick wall would have been more rewarding. In the end I learnt eski kapi would have been the thing to ask for.

There is a huge architechural salvage place near Capadoccia but it would mean taking a van and driving for two days to get there. If I ever do another renovation project that would be where I would go though.


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